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I have been a patient of Dr. Ingalls for ten years and feel we have a relationship that has allowed me to grow in knowledge about my health.

I knew early on that I wanted a more natural path to keeping my hormones balanced. We went to bio-identical hormones and I have been very pleased with the results. Keeping on top of your hormones requires persistence and diligence, but I feel it is well worth the effort. We have worked together to balance my hormones and keep me healthy.

Dr. Ingalls is up on and open to the various types of medicine. She has recommended several books over the years that have helped me to understand so much about women’s health.

It is a joy to work with Dr. Ingalls and I wish all women could have a doctor like her.

Julee Nelson

Julee Nelson
As a woman & a Sex Therapist, I was introduced to Dr.Judith (Judy) Ingalls, 2 years ago, by a dear friend of mine. I found my need for her services twofold, personal & professional.

Since I found myself recently experiencing side-effects due to hormonal changes: nitesweats, mood swings, fatique & loss of sexual desire (not an option for a Sex Therapist..lol) Judy’s approach with me was one of warmth, compassion & extensive knowledge on menopause. I knew within the first session & the time she took with me, how deeply she cares about womans’ healthcare & specifically their hormones. I sensed her passion for her work!!

I have the utmost respect for Judy’s all inclusive research on hormone imbalance & bio-identical hormone replacment, which she explained, is derived from plants & compounding.

Dr. Ingalls takes an extensive “Women’s hormonal health assessment” of her patients. This requires an extensive bloodwork test of all the hormones. She cheques the estrogen metabolism, androgens, binding proteins along with the progesterone. Once she receives the results she reads them & interperts them along with providing a handout of information for you.

She then makes recommendations on what options are best for you given your imbalance to create a hormonal BALANCE!! This is the most extensive exam & connection I have experienced with a doctor before!!

As a Sex Therapist, I have referred several of my patients & their partners to Dr. Ingalls. She has been a wonderful resource to them with their menopausal changes, giving ‘her awareness of menopause” to better assist them in rediscovery of sexual desire!!

I would highly recommend Dr.Judith Ingalls, to any woman or couple inquiring about bio-identical hormone replacement.

Michele Clarkson MSW,LCSW
AASECT Certified Diplomate of Sex Therapy
AASECT Certified Supervisor

Michele Clarkson MSW,LCSW
Thanks to Dr. Ingalls, I feel GREAT!
For over a year I didn’t feel “right.” I was tired, unfocused, emotional, gaining weight and developing adult acne. I was still having my monthly period, so I didn’t consider menopause. Yet, my body was clamoring for help. I tried everything: over-the-counter creams, vitamins, teas, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, and meditation. Nothing worked. Then a colleague referred me to Dr. Ingalls, a menopause specialist.

Dr. Ingalls worked her holistic medical magic. She put me though a comprehensive examination, then prescribed bio-identical hormones. Most bio-identicals are soy-based and I am allergic to soy. She found a satisfactory replacement with yam –based products. Still today, after nearly two years, I remember the joy of renewed energy as my body shifted into hormonal balance. This doc is a trained expert. She has passion for the medical concerns of menopausal women. She has heart that accelerates healing.

You can trust her with your menopausal body, mind and woman-spirit.

Rebecca Hardcastle, Ph.D.
Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Rebecca Hardcastle, Ph.D.
I have known Dr. Judith Ingalls for several years not only in the capacity as a patient myself but as a respected professional to whom I have sent many of my clients. Her intelligence, curiosity and ability to go beyond conventional medicine and research all perspectives of health has been a healing gift to many.

I have been able to trust her knowledge and integrity as we have collaborated in patient care. The positive changes I have seen in my own health and my clients are testimony to her ability to see health from a body, mind, and spirit approach. Her listening skills, concern and compassion for people and the time she spends with patients is a breath of fresh air. Without hesitation I would recommend her to anyone seeking a health care provider.

Kathleen S. Hosner, Ph. D.
Author: Full Heart/ Satisfied Belly

Kathleen S. Hosner, Ph. D.