By integrating all of the below information Dr. Ingalls will provide you with a formal, written consultation that you can share with your primary care physician. If hormones or prescriptions are recommended you will be told how to obtain them. The field of men’s and women’s hormone therapy is expanding exponentially and Dr. Ingalls is there to give you “all” of the information and help you to make informed choices. You deserve it!

You will obtain blood testing that will check your sex hormones, adrenal hormones, and provide an assessment of how your liver is working to metabolize your estrogen (important for your breast health).

You will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire and provide Dr. Ingalls with information from your primary care physician, i.e. medical problem list, medications, recent comprehensive laboratory tests, pap,etc.
Your most recent bone density testing will be reviewed and recommendations will be made. If you have not had a bone density done and you are due, one will be ordered for you. A vitamin D level will be reviewed and calcium supplementation will be discussed. Exercise for bone health is reviewed as well.
Recent mammograms will be reviewed. Nutrition for breast health will be discussed. Your risk for breast cancer will be determined.
A heart risk assessment will be done using a formal questionnaire.
Through interview with Dr. Ingalls your emotional health will be assessed and recommendations will be made.
A questionnaire concerning your diet and knowledge about good eating will be provided. An antioxidant level will be provided. Supplements may be recommended. Counseling may be offered.


Energy Drink
Green Detoxification Drink

Dr. Ingalls has been certified to treat Traumatic Brain Injury.  With any type of brain injury, small or large, there can be injury to the pituitary gland.  It is the pituitary gland that signals the production of hormones from several organs throughout the body such as the thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, and testicles. Injury to the pituitary gland causes hormone imbalances which  lead to many unpleasant symptoms.  Military combat, sporting injuries, motor vehicle accidents, prolonged anesthesia during surgery, stroke, dementia, and many other sources of injuries can lead to brain tissue damage and multiple hormone imbalances.

The goal of therapy is to promote the healing of brain tissue with the aid of good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, supplements that specifically assist the growth of brain cells, and prescription hormone replacement.

Many people diagnosed with PTSD have actually experienced traumatic brain injury.  Their symptoms, often treated with antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications, are often not improved. They should have their hormones evaluated.

If you wish to be evaluated by Dr. Ingalls for the above brain disorders you will be asked to fill out questionnaires and have blood testing that will assist in your brain’s rehabilitation. What is important to know is that the brain CAN be rehabilitated.

Dr. Ingalls trained with Mark L Gordon in 2015, watch his video: