Unleash Your Brain Potential

Unleash Your Brain Potential Believe it or not the brain is an ultra-dynamic organ.  Once thought to be static and unable to repair itself it is now known that our brain is a wonder to behold in terms of what it can do and how it can heal itself. The purpose of this paper is to inform my patients on how to nourish and care for the brain.  Most of the information is extrapolated from a 2015 book, “Neurogenesis Diet & Lifestyle” by Brian Cortright, Ph.D and from my training in traumatic brain injury. As we live our lives and gently age we want the brain to live as healthy a life as our body.  There are many things we can do to make sure our brain “goes the distance” with our body.  It is never too late to enhance the health of the brain. Upgrading the brain is indeed upgrading life. [...]


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